How I Can Support You

My work falls into a few categories. If you’re interested in any of the following, or a combination of things, you can schedule a time to talk to me here.

Services I Provide

Leadership Development- I provide individual coaching for current and upcoming leaders- supporting personal ecology, communication, and transformational leadership.

Management – I provide foundations of management trainings, ongoing coaching, and collaborative problem-solving.

Conflict – I support your team through interpersonal, group, and organizational conflict, helping build stronger foundations for the ongoing work.

Equity – I work with you to build authentic equity action into the fabric of your organization- through coaching, trainings, and ongoing equity work.

Facilitation – I co-create agendas with you and facilitate retreats and meetings that center relationship building, strategic conversations, and conflict resolution.

About Me

I’ve spent the past ten years talking with people in nonprofits about how we stay human in the midst of this work, and am passionate about expanding the reach of these conversations. All of my work comes from a place of clear communication and commitment to the growth that’s possible within each of us. I am white, queer, and able-bodied, all of which impact how I understand and move through the world.


I charge $250 an hour for the services listed above. I will negotiate pricing for larger projects, nonprofits, and individual coaching.

How to get in touch

You can book a time to talk with me directly at this link. If you prefer email, you can message me directly at