Hurricane Prayer for the Harbor

Spirit of life

Power of creation

You are the god of all things, living and the dead

You are the god of new life, gentle rain, and fall harvests. You are also the god of hurricanes, wildfires, and floods that destroy homes and lives and leave already-oppressed communities reeling.

You are, as always, a force beyond our understanding. At times like these, we are reminded of that- reminded of our limitations, reminded of our narrow view of what “god” might be.

In times like these, spirit, when our stories of you don’t align with the reality of you, it is easy for us to turn to anger and despair. May our hearts instead fill the gaps with compassion. When we are shocked and afraid, may we ground ourselves in the truth that we belong to a community of others. When we cannot comprehend of a spirit of life that also brings about destruction, may we turn ourselves to the powers of creation and love within each of us- to heal, to rebuild, to love into each new dawn. The world is confusing. You, spirit of life and death, are confusing to us as well.

May we live into that confusion remembering to follow the footsteps of the man Jesus, living and loving and caring in a world that must have felt much like this one.

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